messages_help_006Even the best product can become ineffective without the proper training and support.  But don't worry, you aren't limited to reading software manuals to solve your problems.  We provide a wide range of services to support your product use and insure you get the most from your investment.  Providing installation, training, procedure development, and technical support, we are ready to help you get the most out of your software!

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Here are descriptions of the wide variety of services we offer to insure your success:


letnum_check_013Technical Support
Occasionally, there is some processing option you don't understand or a system error might arise due to hardware or software failure.  While technical support services are available directly from the software manufacturers, we are your primary local support standing by to assist with system issues on-site, by phone, e-mail, remote connection, and in our on-line Knowledgebase.  Click on this link to review the Technical Support options available in our Online Support Center.


letnum_check_013Custom Report Developement
When standard reports are not adequate to provide the information you want from your system, we can provide custom reports that we have already developed for many of the software systems we support.  You can purchase these reports and customize them to meet your specific circumstances.  Pre-developed reports are priced individually.

If our pre-developed reports do not meet your requirements, we can develop custom reports to improve access to the valuable data stored in your system.  Reports can be created using your data selection, sorting and formatting requirements.  If desired, we can provide an estimate of the time required to develop a specific report.


letnum_check_013Procedure Development
We have developed system procedures for many of the software systems we support.  These procedures are in addition to the software documentation that comes with your software.  They are operationally oriented and include forms and checklists to track the competion of specific tasks and functions in your software.  They provide a basis for creating a custom software operation manual for your business.  You can purchase these procedures and customize them to meet your specific circumstances.  Pre-developed procedures are priced individually.

We can also help you develop operational procedures unique to your firm that utilize the features of your software.  Such procedures improve internal controls, standardize processing steps, and facilitate staff transitions.  If desired, we can provide an estimate of the time required to document a specific procedure for your firm.


letnum_check_013Software Demonstrations
We can provide demonstrations of new software products and modules.  We will provide one free software demonstration (not to exceed 2 hours in length) for a given product.  Additional demonstrations and demonstration time exceeding 2 hours will be billed at our normal billing rates.  Demonstrations of software upgrades and enhancements are also available.  These demonstrations are chargeable.  Click on this link to review our products.

letnum_check_013Software Installation
We can help install your software on your computer hardware.  Software installation includes loading the software on your IBM compatible PC or network server, making it operational on your system, and ready for system configuration and data entry.


letnum_check_013Software Configuration
We can help you determine and enter various program defaults and specifications (such as account number formats, default posting accounts, etc.).  We can help you understand the ramifications of using the various options, and make recommendations on settings to meet your system requirements and help you gain the greatest advantage from your software's features.  We can estimate system configuration time.  However, it may fluctuate depending upon the software or module involved and the experience of your staff.


letnum_check_013Data Entry & Conversion
We can assist with data entry services if your staff schedule does not provide sufficient time to meet your data entry deadlines (such as entering the chart of accounts, beginning balances, vendor, and customer information, etc.).  Additionally, we can obtain data electronically from your existing system, and import it into your new software.  Data entry and conversion services are subject to source data availability and are priced by individual quotation.  Prices vary depending on the complexity and format of the source data to be entered and converted.


letnum_check_013System Customization
We can help you utilize features in your software to customize the appearance and operation of your system.  We can also help you locate enhancements and custom programming that change the way your software operates to meet your specific requirements.  Enhancements and custom programming are subject to individual quotation.


letnum_check_013System Integration
The systems we support offer export and import utilities to facilitate integration with other systems, such as Human Resources, Timekeeping and Payroll, or for importing sales transactions from a Point of Sale system.  Integrating multiple systems provides substantial data entry time savings and improves data accuracy by eliminating duplicate keying requirements.  However, integrating data between different software programs can be highly technical and complex.  We can help you determine the best methods for integrating different systems and help you draft procedures for processing this integration regularly.

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