• Blanket orders and repeating orders
  • Order history and quotations
  • Full invoicing, including repetitive and cash invoices
  • Promise date per line item
  • Split commissions
  • Drop ship items

When a customer calls to place an order, you need to have lots of information at your fingertips. With the Sales Order module for the Sage MAS 90 or Sage MAS 200 ERP system, you’ll have the customer’s mailing and shipping address and you’ll know the availability of specific units in inventory, or alternate items if those on order are out of stock. That’s not all. You’ll know item pricing, quantity pricing, specific customer pricing, costs, customer credit limits, credit card deposit information, and more.

As customer orders are filled and completed, you need to invoice the orders and properly ship them. All original sales order information can be recalled, allowing you to enter exact quantities shipped and backordered. And, with the pick, pack, and ship feature, your warehouse staff can identify the package in which each item is shipped, print a packing list, and enter carrier tracking numbers for customer service inquiries. You can have the system automatically generate invoices from a range of sales orders, and automatically print a Daily Backorder report. You can affix all finished shipping cartons with shipping labels and, if appropriate, COD tags including billable freight. From order entry to shipping, the Sales Order module elevates your control and distribution workflow.

Featured Success Story: Chelsea Lighting

pdficon_small  Download the spec sheet for more information on Sales Order features.

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