EDI Transaction Manager powered by TrueCommerce, a Sage Endorsed Solution
Attract larger customers with dynamic EDI capabilities
Import purchase orders with the click of a button
Reduce data entry mistakes and save on administration costs
Backed by free and unlimited support services
Easy and affordable EDI compliance
No annual maintenance fees and free software updates
No annual network subscription fee/no early termination fees

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the most widely adopted form of business-to-business electronic commerce in use today, and it is often a requirement of doing business with large enterprises and organizations. TrueCommerce makes EDI painless by making it easy and affordable.

Offering so much more than e-mail, with EDI you can import and export essential information directly to and from your ERP application. This provides an efficient and scalable way to automate order processing and address the growing demands of your business. With TrueCommerce, you can attract larger customers by lowering your costs and passing that savings along to your customers. Reduce administrative costs by easily importing purchase orders into order entry with the click of a button. Export and send invoices directly from Account Receivable and reduce or eliminate costly data entry mistakes.

TrueCommerce, an endorsed EDI partner of Sage Software, supplies all four components required to successfully implement an EDI solution. First, Transaction Manager is software that translates data from business documents, such as purchase orders and invoices, to and from the EDI format to be utilized by any EDI-enabled trading partner. Second, Electronic partner plug-in data mapping modules organize the information contained in EDI documents so that the right data appears in the right places. Third, TC.Net enables users to leverage a standard Internet connection to exchange EDI-based documents with virtually any EDI-enabled trading partners, regardless of the EDI connectivity requirements of each trading partner. And fourth, free support is provided on both a technical and procedural level to ensure success in addressing the EDI requirements of your most important customers and vendors.

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