Remote ConnectionOur Remote Connection Support provides instant, Web-based technical support to our customers.

We can view and control your computer remotely, saving precious time and cutting travel-related charges.

This valuable resource allows us to connect with you to resolve technical problems, analyze data, transfer files, and provide training.  Following is a summary of our remote support features:

  • Easy Setup - Sign up and set up in just two minutes.
  • Two-way Screen Sharing - We can see exactly what’s happening on your desktop or show you our screen as an example.
  • Remote Control - We can control your desktop to provide service just as if we were sitting at your computer.
  • Annotation Tools - We can draw, highlight, and point to items right on your screen.
  • Live Chat - We can chat in real time with you instead of staying on the phone.
  • File Transfer - We can transfer files and folders to or from your computer.
  • Unattended Support - We can work on your computer even when you are away.

Do the following to establish your remote connection:


1. Call us at 505-891-9227.

2. We will arrange your connection and will ask you to click on this button:


3. You will be directed to a login page.

4. Enter your name and the 9-digit support code we provide you.

5. Click on the Connect Now button.

6. Some small programs will load on your computer and our remote connection will be established.


With your permission, we can set up Unattended Support on your computer which allows us to connect faster and work on your computer if you are not available.



You can rest assured that your data is secure!


  • Screen sharing and remote control of your computer is 100 percent permission-based.
  • Data is fully encrypted end-to-end using Secure Socket Layer (SSL).
  • Government-approved 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption is also used.
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