You may want to copy MAS 90/200 company data from one Company Code to another for various reasons.  You can create a test company from live data to test various data entry options or to train staff.  You can copy data to a backup company to preserve data before period end processing, or you can copy data to a holding company to run payroll reports after period end in the live company. 

In Sage MAS 90 and 200 4.00:

You can copy data to the new company using the Company Maintenance feature:

  1. In MAS 90/200 select Modules, Library Master, Main, and click Company Maintenance.
  2. Select the desired company that the data will be copied to, or create a new company code to copy the data to.
  3. Click Copy, and click Yes if prompted to save the company.
  4. Select the source company (the company to be copied from). 
  5. Clear the check box for each undesired module or form, or click Select All or Deselect All. Note:  General Ledger cannot be deselected.  The copy program will not allow any other module to be copied without General Ledger.
  6. Click Proceed.

In Sage MAS 90 and 200 3.71 and Prior:

Note: If the new company data will be accessed, be sure to also copy all integrated modules. For example, if PR is copied, also copy GL. If SO is copied, also copy AR and GL, and any other modules that SO is integrated with. Sage MAS 90 will look for these integrated modules when certain tasks are opened, and errors will occur if the module is not found for that company.

Note: If Payroll is being copied, the General Ledger Module must also be copied.

  1. In MAS 90/200 n the File menu, click Run, type SVDATA, and click OK.
    Note:  For Sage MAS 90 version 3.30 through 3.41, running SUDATA will still open the utility, but will redirect to SVDATA. For Sage MAS 90 3.23 and earlier versions, run SUDATA.
  2. Select the source company from the Company list, and click Next button. 
  3. From the Source Applications window, select the applications to be copied, and click Next.
  4. From the Destination Companies window, select the company that the data will be copied to, or click New to create a new company code.
    Note: A new company code is recommended, because SVDATA will overwrite any existing data with no warning messages. Do not select an existing company if that data should be retained. 
  5. Click Next, and from the Copy Company Data window, select the Copy company xxx data... check box, and/or the Copy company xxx forms... check box.
  6. Click Next, and click Finish.  The data will be copied to the new company at this point.


Note:  If a new company code was created, it can be accessed in Company Maintenance at any time, to modify the company name or any other information.

Contact Sunrise Software Consultants, Inc. for assistance using the Company Copy utility to backup your MAS 90/200 data.

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