We have created a custom Crystal Report that we want users to be able to run. How do you add a custom Crystal Report to the MAS 90/200 menu to make it available to all users?

Product: Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 ERP
Module: Library Master
Version: 4.30
CID Reference: 4183


Consider using the Company Copy function to copy files to a temporary holding company while you try the fix.


Crystal Reports is a powerful tool that enables you to create custom reports using your MAS 90/200 data. Custom reports created using the Crystal Designer can be added to the Custom Reports menu item in each MAS 90/200 module. Custom reports are added to the menu using the Report Manager Wizard in MAS 90/200.

You use the Report Manager to manage all forms and reports in MAS 90/200. You can search for forms or reports and select the form or report to customize using Crystal Designer. You can also add and delete custom reports. The Report Manager window displays all modules that have forms and/or reports in a tree view. You can expand the module to select the available forms, reports, and custom reports. All forms, reports, and custom reports are listed in alphabetical order.

Note: Form codes (ie- check forms, invoice forms, etc.) are different than custom reports. Form codes and related report settings must be created in the form or report window of the module containing the form.

For custom reports to be accessible using Report Manager, they must first be saved in the correct file location using the correct file naming convention:

1. The file name of the custom Crystal Report file cannot be more than 30 characters long and must contain the word "custom" at the end of the file name (for example, AR_custom.rpt or ARcustom.rpt - that is, the report name must end with "custom.rpt").

2. The file should be saved in the 'X/mas90/Reports' folder where 'X' = the path to your MAS 90/200 installation directory.

A report that is not named correctly, has a name that is too long, or is not saved in the correct directory will NOT be available to add to a MAS 90/200 menu in Report Manager.

To add a custom report to your MAS 90/200 menu using Report Manager (after saving the report correctly as explained above):

1. In MAS 90/200 select Library Master | Setup | Report Manager.

2. The Report Manager window opens.

3. Click on the 'Add Report to Menu' button

4. The Menu Wizard window appears.

5. Follow the instructions on the Wizard to add your report.

Note that the Wizard allows you to select the target module for the report, the source report file name, the name of the report as you want it to appear on the menu, and the security access privileges assigned to the report.

After Accepting your entries and exiting the Report Manager, the MAS 90/200 menus are recompiled and your report appears in the Custom Reports menu for the module you selected in the Report Manager window. Note that all customized reports added through Report Manager are added to the menus for ALL companies on your system. You cannot add custom reports to selected company codes.

Note: When upgrading MAS 90/200 to a newer version, customized reports created in a previous version of the software may need to be added to menus using this procedure.


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