You can make adjustments to a Sales Order invoice after it is updated by entering a credit or debit memo using Sales Order Invoice Data Entry.

Debit memos are normally issued to an account for billing errors, freight not billed, or miscellaneous charges.

Credit memos are normally used to credit an account for returned goods.

Credit memos can also be created if an invoice is posted to an incorrect date, an order is sold to the wrong customer, the wrong items are included in an order, or a duplicate invoice is created.


To issue a credit or debit memo to adjust an invoice after it is updated:

  1. Select Sales Order Main menu > Invoice Data Entry. The S/O Invoice Data Entry window appears.

  2. At the Invoice No. field, enter the debit or credit memo number.

  3. At the Invoice Type field, select Debit Memo or Credit Memo, as appropriate.

  4. To apply the debit or credit memo to a specific invoice, at the Apply to Inv # field, select the invoice number to apply the debit or credit memo to. Debit and credit memos can be applied to a specific invoice or can be used to credit a customer’s entire balance.

          Note  This step does not apply to balance-forward customers.

  1. Enter each item quantity and dollar amount as a positive number.

Important! - The system reverses the amount signs automatically, depending on the selection at the Invoice Type field, before applying the amount to the appropriate account.

6.  When you have completed your entries, print the debit or credit memo by clicking Print or by selecting Sales Order Main menu > S/O Invoice Printing.

Note  The invoice can be printed only if the Print Invoice check box is selected on the Header tab.

  1. Click Accept. Print and update the Daily Sales Journal and Daily Transaction Register.

The debit or credit amounts are displayed on the customer's statement, along with the original invoice if open.

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