The MAS 90 and MAS 200 Payroll module maintains only one Payroll period at a time.  Neither prior nor future periods are maintained.  Hence, you must close the current Payroll period before you process data for the new period.  However, it may not always be possible to verify and print all of the W-2’s, 941 forms, and other payroll reports before the first pay cycle of the new period.  We have developed two ways to back up your data and continue processing live Payroll until you are ready to print the W-2s or other reports at a convenient time.

Remember that regular backups of your Payroll data are very important.  Before performing your Payroll Period End, be sure to perform your normal payroll data backup!

Option 1 – Backup and Restore

The first method for deferred Payroll report processing is to perform a backup of your Payroll data onto an external drive, a memory stick or a CD tape before running period end processing.  You can then restore that backup to your system to print the W-2's and other payroll reports at a later time.  This process requires that you be very careful about backing up and restoring the correct data files to preserve data for both the current and the old period.

Option 2 – Backup to a PR Holding Company

The simpler method for deferred Payroll report processing is to copy your current period payroll data into a new MAS 90/200 Company Code using the MAS 90/200 Company Copy Utility.  This new company will serve as a "holding company" for your current payroll data.  It preserves your payroll data at the end of the period.  You will never run period end processing in this Company.  At a convenient time in the future, you can return to this holding company and use it to print your W-2’s or other payroll reports.

Before processing Period End in Payroll copy the live Payroll data to a new holding Company to retain the data as of the end of the period.  Use the Company Copy Utility to copy the data to your holding company.  You can establish the new Company Code using Company Code Maintenance in the Utilities Menu (for example Company code 410 - for 4th Qtr 2010).  Complete the Company Code information in its entirety, including your correct company name and address.  Next, use the Company Copy Utility to copy data from your live company to the new backup company code.

Note – Be sure to copy all modules related to Payroll to the backup company (General Ledger, Bank Reconciliation, Job Cost, etc.)

After you copy the data for the live company into the Payroll Backup company, you can safely perform Period End Processing for Payroll in the ‘live’ Company Code.  When you have completed Period End Processing, you should install the new year Tax Table Update (TTU) if you are starting a new year.  You can now begin processing Payroll in your live company for your new year as usual. 

When you are ready to print 941’s, W-2’s, or process magetic media W-2s for the original year, you must reinstall the original year Tax Table Update Diskette (TTU) to reflect Federal, State, and Local tax rates and limits for the year in which they were accumulated.  Be sure to enter your Federal and State ID Numbers in the Payroll holding company.  When this is done, you can print your original year W-2's by changing to your holding Company Code (497 - or the Company Code into which you copied your Source Data), and print the W-2’s and other reports.

After verifying that the W-2s and other reports are correct, reinstall the new year Tax Table Update and use Tax Table Maintenance to make any special changes required to restore the proper new year rates and limits.  You may then return to your original 'live' Company Code and continue Payroll processing, as usual. You may want to keep the Payroll Backup year data on your system for archival purposes if you wish - this can be useful if you ever need to reprint W-2’s or any payroll reports for that year end.

Three important facts to remember:

  • There is no future period in payroll
  • Tax Tables are System Wide Files
  • Limits printed on W-2 forms are read from the installed Tax Tables


Here is an example of how to process W-2's after year-end:

  1. After all 2010 Payroll data has been entered and updated, make a backup of the payroll data files:  Create a new company code in Company maintenance. Use the Company Copy Utility to copy data files from the live company into a Payroll holding company (410).
  2.  Perform Payroll year end processing in the live company.  When complete, verify that the P/R Options have incremented to Quarter 1, 2011.
  3. Install the 2011 Tax Table Update.
  4. Process the 2011 payrolls as usual in the live company.
  5. When you are ready to print W-2 forms and other year end reports (or process magnetic W-2's), reinstall the 2010 Q3 or Q4 Tax Table Update.
  6. Access the holding company created using Company Copy above (497).  Print W-2’s, magnetic W-2's, and all desired payroll reports for 2010 from this company code.
  7. Re-install the 2010 Tax Table Update.
  8. Continue processing 2011 payrolls as usual in the live company.


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