We entered a cash receipt entry in MAS 90 Accounts Receivable as a prepayment to a customer. How do you reverse a prepayment in Accounts Receivable?

Product: Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 ERP
Module: Accounts Receivable
Version: All Versions
CID Reference: 4180


Consider using the Company Copy function to copy files to a temporary holding company while you try the fix.


To reverse a prepayment in Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 Accounts Receivable process a negative cash receipt against the prepayment invoice that was created during the original cash receipt entry:

 1. In MAS 90 select Accounts Receivable | Main | Cash Receipts Entry.

 2. Select the correct bank code and the next deposit number.

 3. Enter the deposit amount as a negative number. (This should be the same amount as the prepayment, but as a negative amount.)

 4. Select the Customer and enter something for the check number.

 5. Enter the same negative dollar amount into the 'Amount Received' field.

 6. On the Lines Tab, select the pre-payment invoice number that was created during the original cash receipts entry.

 7. Accept the entry and post it like any other cash receipt entry.

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